Management Training

Selling Skills

Today's competitive environment makes it important that you give yourself the best chance possible to land the jobs that are best suited for your company. Selling Skill training is geared to help you do that. In this training, you will discover the differences in selling your services versus other products/services. You will discover that the goal of selling is to aid your client in their decision to buy rather than pushing your agenda.

Learn and practice questioning and listening to enhance your understanding of what your client really wants. You will learn to also listen to what is not said and how to confirm and affirm your client. You will examine how to truly know and understand your client and also for your client to know you. It is important that you help your customer understand your limitations and your assets so they can make the right decision.

We believe that the best way to learn is to do. This training will allow you to practice putting together an opening, develop a line of questioning for discovery and helping your client make the right decision. You will practice asking for the business, handle objections and practice making and critiquing a sales call.